Monday, April 8, 2013

We thought we had an OK apartment until we visited the Missionaries in Pamatai.  Huge mango tree, great view, 3 bedroom house.  If only it were within walking distance of the office.

Both ends of this freezer section are filled with whole veal.  As you get to the checkout counter many people have these in their carts, sometimes 2 or 3 or more.

My that is a tall tree.

For years I have taken photos of signs with names of family and friends.  Today we found a restaurant down town Tahiti with my brother's name.  Unfortunately, they don't serve homemade tortillas and green chili.  Love ya Jimmy.

House boat for rent.  Anyone want to come to our place for lunch.

They even have MONSTERFISH here.  I love the picture of the little fish.

Elder Maples came into the office one day and asked if anyone new where he could purchase a loofa bath sponge. (Wanting one of the little nylon puffs)  A couple of the other missionaries teased him a bit and thinking they were going to play a great joke on him came back to the office with a real loofa sponge that a member gave to them for him.  HA HA thanks a lot.  BUT THEN.......

 Sister Jean revealed his true treasure.  A fresh new loofa sponge.  The other missionaries were disappointed that they had given it up.  It was fun to watch her peel this sponge.  I had never seen one at this stage of existence myself.

Its the "Le Truck"  used for transporting children to school and various people to various places on the Island.  Long bench style seats from front to back on each side and down the middle. No seat belts.

Shopping at the market.  I found some cute dresses.  Just couldn't decide what color.

Another treat from McDonalds.  It is fun to see all the different items they have on the menu here.  Has this made it to a McDonalds near you?

Brother Marlade and his family.  He worked in the office for several months when we first arrived.  The bigger of the 2 big guys with the blue stripe tie.  Oh wait a minute, I think both of those ties have stripes.  Georges Marlarde is on the end holding the little guy in grey in place.  I think the youngest one escaped his grip.

One afternoon we were on our way to the airport to pick up the Mission President when we saw this great boat in the harbor.  After he dropped us off (we had his car) we walked back down to the harbor.  We found that they were letting people get on the ship and walk around.  It is a Russian sailing training vessel.  We had a great time exploring from front to back.

 They were on a around the world tour.  I think the sailors were very glad to get off the boat in Tahiti.

Elder Hemming enjoying the ocean breeze.  We are often moving missionaries from place to place or taking something to one of the missionaries.  This day we stopped and enjoyed the view.

The view from the restaurant on the hill, looking down the valley.  We were very careful in our "not" 4 wheel drive vehicle.

 Houses in the valley all the way to the ocean.

I wanted to buy several of these for some really cute grandsons.  But too expensive to mail them home.

Here a TIKI there a TIKI everywhere a TIKI. 

This tree looks like it has been through a few cyclones in its day.

Fan Palm tree. And the beautiful Tahiti Blue sky.

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  1. We are so jealous and proud of your service. We can not wait to go on a mission ourselves! Love ya! Keep havin' fun and spreading the gospel!