Saturday, June 16, 2012

The first photo is of the Bela family. The Arnolds invited us to go with them to teach this family.  The next photo is of the next to the youngest son, we played peek a boo back and forth all evening.  He was very tired by the time we left.  We all set around their dining room table (which is outside).  Very humble living conditions.  But a very sweet family.  We brought cookies and the Arnolds brought some chips and salsa to share, they made dinner.  We had nims for the first time.  Like an egg roll but they use grated turnip instead of cabbage.  They also made prune cake, meat sandwiches and various kinds of fruit especially bananas.  Which brings us to the banana photo.  Talk about having your year's supply, in various stages of ripeness. And now it is time to get back home.  Yes we traveled around the island, up the mountain thru the woods and forged the stream to get there and now we had to go back in the dark.  We started crossing and yes I had my camera out the window, and then I said, I can finally see land on the other side.  Now down the rough road and around the island back to our apartment.  YEAH!!! Home again.

We would like to introduce you to the couples serving her in Tahiti.  The Petersons are from Canada and are serving as Temple missionaries. The Moodys are from Utah and are serving for three years as the Temple President and Matron.  The Arnolds are also from Utah and are serving a proselyting mission. And the last couple is in the process of relocating to Tahiti, just kidding.
We have decided to change the style of our blog. Instead of doing themes, of which there are very few, we will just post pictures as we take them and include the explanations that go along with them and then, hopefully,we will be able to catch up (with the 2000 pictures Kay has taken & the 14 I've taken.)

Last weekend we were driving around the island, Kay made me turn around because she had to have a photo of this guy and his fishing pole. We think he was out for some serious fishing.  What do you think?

These are two photos of homes at the end of the runway. Yes if you had a good throwing arm you could throw a tahitian mango and hit a plane!  If you click on the photo you can get a closer look at some of the living conditions here.

These five photos are from different ward and stake activities. The first 3 are of a professional drum and dance group.  The young boy is also from another dance group.  All doing traditional Polynesian style dances.  The last photo is of the High Priest Group doing a comical version of these dances.  They were hilarious.