Sunday, May 13, 2012

Several people have asked what our apartment looks like, so today we decided to add some pictures.

This is the back side of our building.

We live on what is called the 1st floor (but it is the 2nd floor because they call the ground floor the first floor.) We are the second balcony from the corner just above the stairs.

Living room / dining room and 1/2 of our laundry room. The dryer has to be next to the sliding glass door to the balconyso we have a place to plug it in and to vent it.

This is our desk, chest of drawers and bookcase all in one. What a space saver.

Dining room looking into the kitchen. We have a microwave, a gas top-electric oven stove. (That blows the fuse if anything else in the apartment is on.) A small fridge.

This is the other half of our laundry room.

Yes, it is small but it does keep things cold.

Close up of our crazy stove. The top folds down for extra counter space.

Our queen size bed and we use the bar stools from the kitchen for night stands, that's all that will fit.

Looking into the bathroom. We can both fit. One in the shower and the other at the sink.

This is the water heater. When you turn on the hot water, it ignites and heats the water. You can't close the door to the bathroom because the fumes will get you.

It is nice to be able to take a shower even though you have to stand real close for the water to hit you.

The apartment building is maintained well and our apartment was pretty clean when we moved in. We do have the occasional bug or many bugs daily, OK many bugs by the minute. I send Terry out and spray the bug killer. He can't stand the smell.

We are working hard to learn the things we need to do in the office. From paying bills to writing accident reports like "The dog attacked the car and scratched it." Medical problems like in-grown toenails and an infected ear for the missionaries. Never a dull moment. Next Sunday we have missionaries arriving from the New Zealand Mission Training Center and Monday from the Provo MTC. We also have missionaries going home. Always a busy place. Orientation and fumigation. New bank accounts and travel arrangements. Transfers and interviews. We have many more photos to post but never enough time.  HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wanted to share some of the beautiful flowers we have found as we are out walking around.  I hope that you enjoy the flower show.