Sunday, May 12, 2013

Watch out for that car, Don't squeeze me so tight I can't breathe Grandma. The bus the bus, oh my. Grandma you can't cover my eyes while I am driving.  I'll pick you up after I get off work so you can get your groceries.  No thanks, I'll just walk to the store.

 I love the wind in my ears.

 I have the greatest man in the world.  He lets me ride on the front of his scooter.

Swim goggles work great to hold your helmet in place.

 Make sure you keep Daddy's helmet between your feet, he will need it when we pick him up from work.
Pizza Delivery. Cooler strapped to the back of a scooter.

Beautiful Navy  - Turquoise.  Huge waves.  Anyone up for surfing.

I can't get enough photos of the crashing waves and the beautiful clear blue water.  And the black sand beaches.  We hope to be able to go to one of the islands with white sand as well.

Just one of many cruise ships that dock in Tahiti. Photo taken from the parking lot of the Post Office.

IKEA of Tahiti.  Not much bigger than the hand written sign on the window.

 This way to the ancient temple, ceremonial and burial ground.

 TIKI statues have various meanings and they are all over the island.


 Grotto in Maara.  With healing fresh spring water pool.
 Several trails to hike.  No time today.  No energy today.

 Elder Raihauti just finished baptizing a family that he and his companion had been teaching.  Elder Maples standing in the back.
 Baptismal Font outside the Vairao Chapel.
 Outside the Small Vairao Chapel.

 I think I would like to play with him.  But I'm not sure yet.
 OK, I like this Grandpa so we can play.

President Sinjoux enjoys being in the kitchen cooking.  So sometimes business happens in the kitchen.  This time we have been approved for 5 new cars. But we have to tell Salt Lake where we are going to use them.

 Shoes outside President Sinjoux's front door.  Great custom to always always remove your shoes before entering.  No matter how grand or how humble the home.
Carrots are a staple here.  People buy them in these 50 pound bags.  And of course plenty of fresh fish in the back ground.
 Island Tour board.  Spas, waterfalls, beaches, light house.....

Here little chicken here little chicken.  The stick props up the front of an old fan, the rope tied to the stick extends to the patio so one can sit out of the sun waiting for dinner to arrive.

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