Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We were fortunate to be able to travel with our President Sinjoux, mission president; Elder F. Michael Watson of the Seventy and Elder Tarati, our area authority and their wives to the island of Tubuai for a District Conference of the Church. We left on Friday afternoon and got back Sunday evening. The weekend was packed with meetings, food, entertainment, food, an island tour, food, more meetings and, of course, more food.

 As we left Tahiti, we walked out to the plane, around it  and then got on.

 Below are 4 pictures of Tubuai as we were approaching. The island is about 3 miles wide and 5.5 miles long. It is inhabited by about 2000 people of whom 700 are members of our Church. The island was introduced to the Church by Addison Pratt in 1844. Tubuai is about 400 miles directly south of Tahiti. It is the largest island of a chain of 5 that make up the Australes Islands.



 Here we are deplaning.

Welcome to Tubuai.

Later that evening we were treated to an evening of cultural events which included singing and dancing.

 All of the visitors were given welcoming gifts which included woven place mats & fans  and sheet & pillow cases.

 Elder Watson at a memorial to Addison Pratt.

A more formal memorial to Addison Pratt.

Several of our meals were outdoors under the tent. The rest were served in the Church.

 Sweetie, will you get me some sand for a souvenir to take back home? Yes, dear.

An outing into the forest area to see the remnants of a "marae", a place of religious rituals.

Oh, look, passion fruit. Anyone want some?

Here we are on  the beach.

 Youth paddling a "va'a".

 Kay & some of her young friends she found at the Church. They needed a grandma & grandma needed some grandkids.

Kay & the Relief Society President sharing a fun moment. Probably neither understood the other.

A rainbow over one of the islets around Tubuai.

Back at the airport waiting for the plane to arrive, we decided to have our picture taken in front of the map of Tubuai.

Da plane! Da plane!

We spent a very enjoyable 48 hours on a very small island surrounded by hundreds of members who were happy to see some outsiders and hear of our activities. What a great weekend!

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