Saturday, February 9, 2013

We had the opportunity to visit the "Tahiti and her Islands Museum" These 2 photos show a 3D look at the islands.  Very interesting to see the exhibit.

We found the IKEA of Tahiti.  You ask what do they stock!  1 plastic end table, a table with 2 chairs for children, 1 red leather chair with a ottoman, Chinese room dividing screen, a 2 shelf bookcase, a round Formica dining table with chairs, 2 lamps and a wicker ball lamp shade .  You can almost see it all in these photos.

A prize for the first person that can tell me what's wrong with this photo.

All the tables you can see plus 10 more that you can't see are covered in fresh flower leis and shells.  We were early to the airport so the ladies had not uncovered their tables yet.  They sell plenty.

Many people ride bikes here but you don't see cars with bike racks.  You do see Vaa racks.  Cars are small boats are long.  This is a one man outrigger canoe (Vaa).  We think they have 1 man, 2 man,
3 man and 6 man Vaa's.

Other duties as assigned.  President Sinjoux ask that we take Marina (Cook for the mission home) shopping and pay for what ever she needed.  She preferred this fruit stand located on a busy round about.

What do you do with ugly light posts.  Well of course you weave palm leaves around them and add fresh flowers.

The Chapel has fresh flowers every Sunday, no fake greenery or silk flowers here.

When the weatherman said CYCLONE, people were tying their roofs down.

We were visiting a set of the Sister Missionaries and this was the view from their porch.  Looking at the Island of Moorea.

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