Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are still here in Tahiti.  We have just been so busy we have not had time to add photos and comments. But here we go.  As new missionaries come and others go home we have many days that we are moving missionaries from place to place we take these opportunities to see various parts of the island.  Every now and again we actually have a Saturday all to ourselves.

We are off to the top to of the mountain on the Tihiti-iti part of the island.  We can then look back at and see all of the main portion of the island.  Today is cloudy so we hope to share a few good photos.

On the long road up the mountain.

These 2photos are up on the Belvedere at Taravao peak looking back at the large portion of the
 island of Tahiti.

Fruits, Vegetables and Fish on every corner and some in between.

We were invited to the Catholic church to hear their choir.  It was very interesting, all the songs / hymns were in sung in Italian.  I have a hard enough time with French then go ahead and sing in Italian.

Stake Activity. A dance, all the sisters received a bracelet of flowers and the brothers a  boutonniere. And they took a photo of each couple as you arrived. Just like Prom.

Decoration in baby pink and white.

Sister Pito and her newspaper ad hat.

Every Saturday 4 visiting teaching groups are assigned the task of making flower arrangements for the chapel.  Everyone who is around gets to help.

Huge dried mushrooms.

Our 1st care package from home.  We are always at the Post office picking up the mail and packages for the missionaries so it was very exciting to receive a package for us.

We have car used car lots in the US. This guy has new and used tractors, front end loaders, fishing boats, speed boats, sports cars and of course scooters.  All in a small parking lot on the corner of the round about.  I guess there is a corner to the round about.  Anyway he has different things all the time and it is fun watching him maneuver the earth moving vehicles and boats around the sports cars.    


The photo above and the next few are of the V a a (canoe) races. This was the out and around Moorea race.  6 man / woman teams start in the Papeete harbor and paddle out thru the ocean and around the next closest island (Moorea) and back again.  This takes about 8 hours. You can see them coming just in front of the island of Moorea. What looks like a road is actually the runway of the airport and yes it is 2 feet above sea level.

Each crew has a motorized support crew boat and officials/ judges.

Into the harbor they arrive.

Many colors and many fans.

Then they do their handshake. as they past the finish line.

The canoes are very light.  Here are some of the teams taking them out of the water.

Just a few canoes.

Our pet crab.  We were picking up shells and brought one home that was occupied. We gave him some water and bugs for a couple of days until we could get back to the waters edge and let him go. He was happy to get out of the little plastic box.

Sister and Elder Arnold, Sister and Elder Hemming.
Our first trip off the island. On the ferry headed towards Moorea.

Looking back to Tahiti.

Tahiti in the distance

We are on Moorea, looking back to Tahiti. Too bad it is such a cloudy day there.

A little windy. Anyone want to stay in a cute little cottage.

Water water and more water.

  Mt. Mou'a Puta

Mt. Rotui with Opunohu bay on the left and Cooks bay on the right.  You will have to go and look up the stories about the bays.  Homework.

Moorea is kind of heart shaped so they have made all the mileage markers and markers to the Belvedere in the shape of the island.

This is Elder Malarde telling Terry how to back up. I was laughing so much I could hardly get a photo.  It was something like.  Elder Hemming go and turn the car around,  no no no -  this way - 
no no no -  this way - Elder Elder -  no no no.  I guess you had to be there.

Driving off the ferry.  Scooters first always everywhere.


  1. WOW! What an amazing place you are serving in! The area is so beautiful! Always remember . . . scooters first!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and experiences. We're enjoying living vicariously!

  3. Elder and Sister Hemming I am laughing hard and holding back tears at the same time! I MISS POLYNESIA! Mauruuru roa for taking the time to share all these photos. The missionaries are in good hands with you two.